Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 in full swing.... Where we are up to now!

Ummm excuse me, is it June already?!? My apologies for some serious blog neglect here but life is rather busy and has been swallowing us whole!

Alrighty, so where are we up to in our Running The Marathon Of Autism calendar for 2013 you must be wondering.
We have seen our first event of the year already happen a few weeks ago thanks to Amy and Julia running the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon for Felicity. both of these runners took on the 21.1kms event for the second time and crossed the finish line tired & sore but with smiles on their faces.
JULIA - 2hrs 5min 50secs
AMY - 2hrs 1min 29secs

So what is next?... in just 3 short weeks is our next event and it's a biggie - The Gold Coast Airport Marathon!! This event has a bunch of differnet length races over the weekend of July 6th-7th and three of our team will be a part of it. Renee will be taking on her favourite event on the Saturday, the 10km, and is aiming for a PB. Word has it Renee is training hard and be sure we will share a few of her thoughts in the lead up with you over the next few weeks.

Also running on the weekend will be Craig and Amy. These two are taking on the full 42.2km marathon for the first time on the Sunday and have decided to do it in Felicity's name - Awesome! Both of these runners are deep in training and have some stories to share about their experiences (how many of you would be willing to get up at the crack on a cold morning and go for a training run that takes 3hours?!? Huge effort!!).
We also have the Sydney City2Surf, the Melbourne Half marathon and the Sydney Blackmores event with runners taking part for Felicity later in the year so 2013 is looking good!!
Again, sorry for the lack of blog posts but strap in now because they are in the works :)


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