Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Maryke's Marathon Number 4 for Felicity!

What are you up to this coming Sunday? A sleep in? A relaxing day out with family? Will you be going for a short run to get in a little exercise? or will you, like one of our awesome runners, Maryke, be taking on a 42.195km Full Marathon for the 4th time??
Maryke will be lining up in the Melbourne Marathon and just like the past 3 times she has run this race, Maryke will be doing it for Felicity!!
Why do I keep coming back for more Amy asked me? I think the marathon has become slightly addictive.
On Sunday I will line up for Marathon #4 – when I started this crazy caper 4 years ago for Felicity I never ever thought I would run more than one.
But here I am, about to do it for the 4th time.
When I started I also did not know that my own son was on the Autism Spectrum – he has Aspergers. This came out in the years since and changed everything. If anything it motivated me more. It led me to the Autism Treatment Centre of America to learn about strategies to help him be the best he can be. It healed a large part of me. Your head space has such a big part to play in marathon running and after going to the US I had my most mentally comfortable run ever.
Every year is different – the lead up, the training and then the actual day. It has become a quest of sorts – to complete 10 marathons – all for Felicity - to see her into early adulthood – she turned 12 yesterday!
I do it simply because I can.
- Maryke

What an inspiration you are Maryke! Thank you for being you and GOOD LUCK on Sunday, we will be behind you in spirit!!
To show your support for Maryke and what she is doing for Felicty (did you know less than 1% of the worlds population have run a full marathon?!?!?!?!) please follow the link HERE to sponsor Maryke's run by donating via Paypal, cheque or direct deposit.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Half Marathon Results 2012

What a spectacular Spring day Sydney put on for the Blackmores Running Festival yesterday.
The Half Marathon event was the first event of the day and started at 6:20am. Amy managed to snap a quick shot as her and Julia headed over the Harbour Bridge at the start of the race.

Both Julia and Amy had a great race for their first ever half marathon and are already making plans for their next running challenge! Congrats ladies on such a great effort and THANK YOU oh so much for doing this for Felicity - our donation counter crossed the $2000 mark thanks to you wonderful women!!

AMY: 2hrs 3mins and 34secs
JULIA: 2hrs 3mins 45secs

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why are they running? - Amy Half Marathon 2012

It's automatic to assume that I, Amy, am running my first ever Half Marathon next week FOR Felicity but the truth in the matter is I am running BECAUSE of Felicity and I thank her for that... let me explain what I mean.

I am Felicity's step mum and I am mum to Felicity's half sister Milla and half brother Harrison. What I have learnt in the short time I have been honoured to be in this role is that if these three people are happy in their life there is nothing more they will need. They can choose to be well paid, uber educated lawyers OR fit, fab and healthy athletes OR struggling artists one day - who knows! But if they are doing it with a smile in their heart then what more could I ask for? I get asked by lots of people "how is Felicity?" and I can only assume they want to hear me reply with "she is doing so well, she now has X amount of words and any day now we will have her enrolled in a typical school and her Autism is a thing of the past" Of course I will be thrilled to one day tell people that, but what I have learnt and am continuing to learn is what I reply with: "she is happy" and for any parent/step-parent that is perfection!
Anyone that knows Felicity will tell you she is one cheeky, bubbly girl who is ALWAYS smiling no matter what is in her way. Seeing this shine through her for the past 6 years that I have been Felicity's step mum has made me realise that I need to always search for what makes me happy and DO IT! Happiness is a choice!
Enter running. It started as a little 'fitness kick' to loose a bit of baby weight - I did and I was happy. Then I realised I kinda liked this running stuff - so I keep doing it and I was happy. I ran my first ever official race last year when I took on the City 2 Surf - when I crossed the finish line I was happy. I run most mornings which wakes me up (I'm NOT a morning person) and gets me in a good mood ready to start the day with my family - that makes me happy. I have goals set to better my times/distance/pace - I beat them and I am happy. I WILL run my first ever Half Marathon in Felicity's name - this will make my heart happy. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't feeling 'un-happy' before all this but I wasn't happy with my weight, I wasn't happy with my grumpy mood in the mornings when there is such a better way to be with my gorgeous family, I wash't happy being an unfit mum who would rather sit and watch my kids instead of run and play with them, I wasn't happy with feeling unattractive to my hubby but what I am trying to say is Felicity and her Son-Rise Program has helped me learn that you need to find whatever it is that makes you happy and do it - that 'thing' for me in the past 2 years has been running..... it might not always be running but for now it is and I will run next weeks 21.09km Half Marathon race with a smile in my heart knowing I am doing it for myself - What an AWESOME thing to be able to say!
Thank you Felicity for being such a gift to my everyday and I will be delighted to run this race for you in the hopes to raise more more for your Son-Rise Program xx

I'd LOVE your support for next weeks race if you are able. Be sure to pop over to our DONATE page HERE for ways to sponsor me!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why are they running? Julia - Sydney Half Marathon 2012

Just two weeks to go before the Blackmores Sydney running Festival on September 16th and our two runners, Julia and Amy are starting to get butterflies in their bellies!
These two mums have decided to take on their first ever Half Marathon on race day and are doing it in support of Felicity and her Son-Rise Program!

Why would you want to run for a little over 21kms on a random Sunday morning?? We asked Julia and this is what she had to say:
Last Christmas, Amy was talking about running a half marathon in September this year, there was no way I was in any shape to do it and didn't even consider it. Since then, I have gradually been increasing my training sessions and a few months ago believed I could do it and started to run. A couple of weeks before the City 2 Surf, I injured my shin and was told that running on it would make it worse. I have continued other forms of exercises that do not stress this area and am crossing my fingers that it is ok for the big day! I am so proud that I am not only doing this for myself, but for my niece, Felicity. I know it is going to be a tough day, but I think with her positive spirit in my thoughts, I will get there.
Go Julia Go - what determination to not only run this distance for the first time but to do it after injury - You STAR!!

To show your support for Julia and what she is doing for Felicity be sure to pop over to our DONATE page HERE for ways to sponsor her awesome effort!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Just a quick post to share a little YouTube clip. On her last trip to the Autism Treatment Center of America, Tanya, Felicity's mum, was interviewed on her journey with Felicity and the Son-Rise Program.
Take a look HERE and be warned, you might need a tissue :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

City2Surf Results 2012

A chilly start to the morning had our runners huddled up like emperor penguins in the crowd of 85,000 to stay warm while they waited for the start gun to go off but once it did they were off!

Anton and Amy were in the Blue group which started at 8:30 then Paityn took off with the Yellow group at 9:05. (Sadly Julia had to step out of the race at the last minute due to shin splints as she hopes to recover in time to do the Half Marathon in just a few weeks time).
For Anyone who has run the world famous Sydney City2Surf you'll know there are all kinds of things and people to see on the course and this year had some great sights to see once again on the way to Bondi beach.

Amy - 1:21:17
Anton - 1:21:30
Paityn - 2:20:19

We are touched and amazed at the donations received in support of these awesome runners for Felicity and have the counters currently standing at $1560! THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

With a smile on her face!!

Last weekend, while playing outside, Felicity took a bit of a nasty fall and it was immediately obvious she had hurt herself. Without being able to put into words where or how badly it hurt Felicity was able to let us know her leg was very sore and, with lots of help she hobbled inside. A few days passed and her leg didn't seem to be getting better so a trip to the hospital told us she has some ligament damage that will take a good week and a half to heal. Felicity is now sporting a leg brace/boot that is helping her feel confident enough to move around on her own.
Now if this happened to many others there would be a whole lot of complaining and lounging around on the couch, right? not for our young lady - Miss Felicity hasn't changed her bubbly personality one bit. She'll happily tell anyone within her reach all about her leg by pointing, gesturing and grunting and she is doing it with her big beaming smile!
This amazing girl can not be knocked down!!

Felicity is still wanting to be outside in the sunshine where she loves it so much to be able to throw the many items we have collected all around the yard (check out the clip HERE to see Felicity in action a few weeks ago 'throwing'). She will not be convinced to sit still for much longer than it takes to sing a few songs with her before she is up and at it again.

Now if that's not some awesome inspiration for others, I don't know what is! I will be one of the four running in this weekends City2Surf for Felicity - if and when I start getting a little tired or my legs start to get sore and will me to stop or slow down it's Felicity's determination that I will think about to get me to the finish line with a beaming smile!!
I, and the other 3 runners this weekend: Paityn, Julia and Anton, are just 2 sleeps away from race day and would LOVE your support as we run the 14kms for Felicity

Donations can be made by using any of the following methods:

Direct Deposit:
Account Name: T J Costin
BSB Number: 944 300
Account Number: 012 598 461
NOTE: If you would like a receipt, for tax purposes, please send your email address, postal address and a copy of the direct deposit transaction to - tanya@intellectualdisability.org

Cheques are to be made out to: T J Costin
Please post them to:
Running the Marathon of Autism
T J Costin
P.O. Box 304
Church Point
NSW, 2105
NOTE: If you would like a receipt, for tax purposes, please include a note with your email address & postal address

Donations can be made with your credit card through paypal.
You do not need a paypal account to make a donation.
Just click on the yellow Donate button found on the sidebar of this blog and follow the prompts.
A receipt will be posted out to you.

THANK YOU in advance and wish us luck - Can't wait!!
Happy Friday, Amy

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why are they running? Paityn - City 2 Surf 2012

2 weeks to go! 2 weeks to go! 2 weeks to go!
We are getting excited now and being her second time around taking on the Sydney City 2 Surf, Paityn knows just what she is in for!
At only 15 years of age Paityn asked us if she could be a part of our Running The Marathon of Autism team for the second year and of course we said Absolutely!
Paityn has been doing odd runs around her local area for training and can't wait for race day. When asked why is she wanting to do this 14kms for Felicity, Paityn told us: "the main reason was obviously to raise money but also because while she goes through so much for an 11 yr old every day of her life raising money and pushing myself to finish 14km run is nothing compared to what Fliss and you guys do"
What an inspiration you are Miss Paityn! We are behind your efforts the whole way!!

To show your support for Paityn and what she is doing for Felicity be sure to pop over to our DONATE page HERE for way to sponsor her awesome effort!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Why are they running? Anton - City 2 Surf 2012

With just a little over 4 weeks until the City 2 Surf we thought we should introduce our awesome 2012 Running The Marathon of Autism runners. We have Four participants who will take part in the 14km fun run on August 12th and the only one of those four who will be running in the famous race for the first time is Anton.
Anton has been training for he race with runs & bike rides around his local area and can't wait to cross the finish line at famous Bondi Beach!!
Dad of two little ones and a member of Felicty's extended family we asked Anton why he wanted to join our team this year...
"Being Felicity's Uncle, I have known her from when she was a little baby and have seen all the huge changes in her life. I am running in the City 2 Surf for the first time this year and would love to do it in support of Felicity, her family and what the Son-Rise Program has brought into their lives"
To show your support for Anton and what he is doing for Felicity be sure to pop over to our DONATE page HERE for way to sponsor his awesome effort!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

City 2 Surf 2012 - want to join us?

Registration for entry into the 2012 City 2 Surf have officially opened and we have a growing team ready to take on the world famous, 14km race for Felicity - woohoo!! Are you planning to be a part of this event in 2012? I highly recommend it for a great day out in Sydney City. Wether you are a serious racer or just like the outdoors and a bit of people watching this is a day not to be missed. So far this year we have 4 registered runners who have pledged to complete the course for Felicity and her Son-Rise Program. Our runners - Anton, Julia, Paityn and Amy would love to have you join them as they rally sponsorship donations in the lead up to the day. If you were planning on being a part of the massive crowd on August 12th why not do it for Felicity and help us reach our fund-raising goal of $5000 for 2012 - we would be very grateful!!
All you need to do is head HERE to the City 2 Surf website and register yourself for the race then shoot us an email to tanya@intellectualdisability.org letting us know you are keen so we can forward you details of how to start letting your friends, family, workmates even strangers know you would love their donations and support - easy! Let the training begin!!