Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 out of 10 results for the 10/10/2010

From the minute we all realised that the last events of Running The Marathon Of Autism campaign would be on the date 10/10/10 as well as the very same weekend that Felicity turned 10 we knew it was 'meant to be'!

Felicity had a wonderful birthday with family celebrating the milestone of being a decade old, with plenty of cake and presents and of course allot of humming the Happy Birthday song to us all!
Saturday was also the last 'rest day' for our runners Jocelyn and Maryke who were up early on Sunday morning ready for the starters gun to go off.
Maryke's Full Marathon race started at 7:00am and Jocelyn's Half Marathon began at 8:00am - Both of these amazing runners did themselves and all of us proud with phenomenal results!
They both have even claimed they "cannot wait to do it all again" - WOW!


Maryke - Full Marathon: 4hrs 24mins
Jocelyn - Half Marathon: 1hr 58mins

Maryke took 36 minutes off her last marathon time (run in 2007) so is thrilled!
Jocelyn ran 3 weeks ago in Sydney then has backed it up in Melbourne with the same time results - AWESOME!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU both Jocelyn and Maryke for every step of your training, motivation, support and love for Felicity!! I know my regular morning run had a little extra 'umph' in it this morning thanks to you both!

We are just tallying up any and all final donations before we work out the amount reached from all our runners efforts and will be sure to let you know as soon as we have the magic number.... if you would like to make a final donation or pass on the info and links to a family member or friend please do so by heading to: