Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why are they running? Julia - Sydney Half Marathon 2012

Just two weeks to go before the Blackmores Sydney running Festival on September 16th and our two runners, Julia and Amy are starting to get butterflies in their bellies!
These two mums have decided to take on their first ever Half Marathon on race day and are doing it in support of Felicity and her Son-Rise Program!

Why would you want to run for a little over 21kms on a random Sunday morning?? We asked Julia and this is what she had to say:
Last Christmas, Amy was talking about running a half marathon in September this year, there was no way I was in any shape to do it and didn't even consider it. Since then, I have gradually been increasing my training sessions and a few months ago believed I could do it and started to run. A couple of weeks before the City 2 Surf, I injured my shin and was told that running on it would make it worse. I have continued other forms of exercises that do not stress this area and am crossing my fingers that it is ok for the big day! I am so proud that I am not only doing this for myself, but for my niece, Felicity. I know it is going to be a tough day, but I think with her positive spirit in my thoughts, I will get there.
Go Julia Go - what determination to not only run this distance for the first time but to do it after injury - You STAR!!

To show your support for Julia and what she is doing for Felicity be sure to pop over to our DONATE page HERE for ways to sponsor her awesome effort!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Just a quick post to share a little YouTube clip. On her last trip to the Autism Treatment Center of America, Tanya, Felicity's mum, was interviewed on her journey with Felicity and the Son-Rise Program.
Take a look HERE and be warned, you might need a tissue :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

City2Surf Results 2012

A chilly start to the morning had our runners huddled up like emperor penguins in the crowd of 85,000 to stay warm while they waited for the start gun to go off but once it did they were off!

Anton and Amy were in the Blue group which started at 8:30 then Paityn took off with the Yellow group at 9:05. (Sadly Julia had to step out of the race at the last minute due to shin splints as she hopes to recover in time to do the Half Marathon in just a few weeks time).
For Anyone who has run the world famous Sydney City2Surf you'll know there are all kinds of things and people to see on the course and this year had some great sights to see once again on the way to Bondi beach.

Amy - 1:21:17
Anton - 1:21:30
Paityn - 2:20:19

We are touched and amazed at the donations received in support of these awesome runners for Felicity and have the counters currently standing at $1560! THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

With a smile on her face!!

Last weekend, while playing outside, Felicity took a bit of a nasty fall and it was immediately obvious she had hurt herself. Without being able to put into words where or how badly it hurt Felicity was able to let us know her leg was very sore and, with lots of help she hobbled inside. A few days passed and her leg didn't seem to be getting better so a trip to the hospital told us she has some ligament damage that will take a good week and a half to heal. Felicity is now sporting a leg brace/boot that is helping her feel confident enough to move around on her own.
Now if this happened to many others there would be a whole lot of complaining and lounging around on the couch, right? not for our young lady - Miss Felicity hasn't changed her bubbly personality one bit. She'll happily tell anyone within her reach all about her leg by pointing, gesturing and grunting and she is doing it with her big beaming smile!
This amazing girl can not be knocked down!!

Felicity is still wanting to be outside in the sunshine where she loves it so much to be able to throw the many items we have collected all around the yard (check out the clip HERE to see Felicity in action a few weeks ago 'throwing'). She will not be convinced to sit still for much longer than it takes to sing a few songs with her before she is up and at it again.

Now if that's not some awesome inspiration for others, I don't know what is! I will be one of the four running in this weekends City2Surf for Felicity - if and when I start getting a little tired or my legs start to get sore and will me to stop or slow down it's Felicity's determination that I will think about to get me to the finish line with a beaming smile!!
I, and the other 3 runners this weekend: Paityn, Julia and Anton, are just 2 sleeps away from race day and would LOVE your support as we run the 14kms for Felicity

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THANK YOU in advance and wish us luck - Can't wait!!
Happy Friday, Amy