Monday, September 19, 2011

20 sleeps to go!

With only 20 sleeps and more importantly 20 training days left, I have realised I am under-prepared for the marathon. But I am going to line up anyway and give it my best on the day. Having just been to the Autism Treatment Center of America and learning about Autism to help my son Jack overcome his Aspergers, I now, in turn understand so much more about Felicity and the reason I run for her to support her and her family on their journey together. There is so much synergy. It has renewed my faith and hope for a better, brighter, more wonderful future for us all!

The training has been mostly consistent but the runs not long enough for this to be a pleasant day for me on 9/10/11. It's another amazing date and Felicity's birthday! How can I not start!? So, pray for me, send me strong vibes on the day and more importantly if you can DONATE!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Maryke's Melbourne Marathon Countdown!

This year the Melbourne Marathon that our gorgeous friend Maryke will be taking on AGAIN for Felicity falls on Felicity's birthday - Good omen?? We think so!!
On Sunday October 9th Felicity will be celebrating her 11th birthday while fearless Maryke will be taking on the 42KM race through Melbourne's streets!!

Maryke would love all the support she can get in the form of sponsorship donations for Felicity's Son-Rose Program. Click HERE for all the donation options and details.

Only 27 sleeps away - the count down is on! Run Maryke Run!!