Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Maryke's Marathon Number 4 for Felicity!

What are you up to this coming Sunday? A sleep in? A relaxing day out with family? Will you be going for a short run to get in a little exercise? or will you, like one of our awesome runners, Maryke, be taking on a 42.195km Full Marathon for the 4th time??
Maryke will be lining up in the Melbourne Marathon and just like the past 3 times she has run this race, Maryke will be doing it for Felicity!!
Why do I keep coming back for more Amy asked me? I think the marathon has become slightly addictive.
On Sunday I will line up for Marathon #4 – when I started this crazy caper 4 years ago for Felicity I never ever thought I would run more than one.
But here I am, about to do it for the 4th time.
When I started I also did not know that my own son was on the Autism Spectrum – he has Aspergers. This came out in the years since and changed everything. If anything it motivated me more. It led me to the Autism Treatment Centre of America to learn about strategies to help him be the best he can be. It healed a large part of me. Your head space has such a big part to play in marathon running and after going to the US I had my most mentally comfortable run ever.
Every year is different – the lead up, the training and then the actual day. It has become a quest of sorts – to complete 10 marathons – all for Felicity - to see her into early adulthood – she turned 12 yesterday!
I do it simply because I can.
- Maryke

What an inspiration you are Maryke! Thank you for being you and GOOD LUCK on Sunday, we will be behind you in spirit!!
To show your support for Maryke and what she is doing for Felicty (did you know less than 1% of the worlds population have run a full marathon?!?!?!?!) please follow the link HERE to sponsor Maryke's run by donating via Paypal, cheque or direct deposit.